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The replica watches uk you are showing me is a totally different replica watches uk all together to which I have ordered, does this mean you cannot provide me with the replica watches uk with the mini replica watches uk face on the band? If this is so can I pick a different replica watches uk with the same value as the replica watches uk I have bought, I do not want the replica watches. Can somebody please get in contact with me about my order as I recieved the below message and I was wanting the replica watches I ordered which I belive I cannot have because you dont have the replica watches band with the clock face on it, I would like to know if I can change it to other replica watches. Really not happy, no one has got back to me about this yet. I will give till start of next week and if no reply or no replica watches, I will instruct my bank to claim my money back for non reciept of replica watches paid for. It has now been twelve days since you sent this email below and I have replied three times and still I have not recieved my order. I will now be approaching my bank to tell them to reclaim this money I have paid on the basis of non delivery and no response from yourselves.

I have received the replica watches uk yesterday. As I guessed the replica watches uk is really rubbish. Here is the main problem. The replica watches uk stopped working after a few hours! Now when I shake it a bit it starts but stops a bit later. It is an automatic replica watches uk, so it should be working while on wrist but it is not. I want a full refund for this replica watches uk without any loss, including the delivery charge. I will put everything back in original packaging. Please give me the address to send this replica watches uk to. This is the second letter I am sending to you today. You must really answer otherwise I will claim damages and report to the police in United Kingdom. Your replica watches do not work. The replica watches uk sleep minutes after they are on the table. Automatic watch should not sleep, it should accumulate electricity and work for a long time while not wearing. Your replica watches uk are obviously faulty. I do not want a replacement but full refund including the return cost. Give me the address where you want me to send the replica watches to you please. For these reasons, and the fact that the replica watches are faulty I have lost my confidence in you as a proper company and demand full refund for my money with no deduction whatsoever. I have already spoken to my Bank and asked them to chase the matter if you do not refund me. I ask, once again, please tell me where I should send these replica watches, in other words tell me where the return address is.